Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BiZZack on the grizzy.


last name ever, first name greatest; like a sprained ankle, i ain't nothing to play with!


the ART of the Hustle.


It's more than a beat with heavy base, and rhymes that cause inevitable head bopping. Or large Xs that cover your chest that do more than captivate a fashionably inclined individual's attention. I again, thank Complex magazine for yet ANOTHER incredible collaborative issue for October/November.

Yeah, say it, GR GR GR GR GRINDING! As soon as you hear this song you bang your fist on the nearest desk to imitate one of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo's many rhythmic creations.


From what used to be Union in New York City to Common Wealth in the nation's only Common Wealth, pardon the pun; you can find yourself drapped in Xs, sporting the new oxymoronic trend, Original Fake.

Peep this new collaboration on stands soon! && Pardon me, I must say, this is kinda like a big deal. So uhm, lights, camera, & oh yeah, action!

back in the JUMPOFF.

i've been on hiatus for a little while, trying to get acclimated with my sophomore year at HOWARDUniversity and so0o, i TRULY apologize yet again!

i'll continue to keep you abreast of such things that are indeed, ironically peculiar, and super DOPE.

yours truly,

a woods

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quote of the WEEK.

---> Quote of the WEEK <---

"I'd rather let my day to day actions speak louder than what I say."
- Chris Brown

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

they say he's COMPLEX like the MAGAZiNE.

now, my guess would be that, when he wrote those lyrics, he didn't think that he would be on the cover of complex that soon, did he?
so. he's signed to Kanye's record label. Nominated for awards without even releasing an album. & now, he's on the cover of COMPLEX magazine. And this is not just ANY cover, this is an animated, personally drawn cover trying to capture a "nightmarish approach". pretty damn cool if you ask me. KidCuDi seems like one of those, about his business, but still wants to have fun and let the fans have fun as well. you guys will definitely enjoy this, like I have.
complex aug/sept 2009 issue. look out for it ! hitting a magazine stand near you, august 11th.


he's the man. !

Monday, August 3, 2009

the infamous Chuck Taylor, revamped !

"They never gave me support, like Chuck T's."

This summer has been filled with Chuck Taylor Converses. Why ? Probably because they're cool, stylish, & affordable. Not to mention the array of styles & colors that they come in. Stepping away from the canvas scene, Converse has decided to release a sneaker made from fleece material. These heather gray fleece converses are available at sneakersnuff.com


new creations INC.

in my spare time, i'd like to refer to myself as creative ally. yes, i said it! do you dispute? what was once a Triple L Society crew neck tee-shirt has been altered to a pink splash summer twist string halter.

peek peek ! feedback is greatly appreciated.


Quote of the WEEK.

new aspect of IRONICALLY p e c u l i a r.

---> Quote of the WEEK <---

"They say there's two sides to every story, and three once the truth is told."
- Drake

it's not ABC, it's APC.

APC doesn't just make jeans, if you were wondering. A brand that's pretty much to my liking, oppose to Nudie, which i have grown to dislike. I give thanks to the hood for that one, ha ! In any event, their 2009 Fall/Winter collection has already hit various retail locations. Please don't be left out, and don't invest if this is not your knack. For lack of a better term.

take a looksy. 2009 Fall/Winter


G Shock or Bapex ?

The newest watch craze has undeniably been G Shock watches by Casio. Walking down the street, i'm sure every 2 out of 5 individuals has on either a big faced, smaller faced, or baby G Shock. But, will G Shocks now have competition ? Not too sure, mainly because of the difference in price. Bathing Ape has released a line of non digital watches, called BAPEX. Will these be the new craze ?? take a peek. I actually am not too sure about these watches. They replicate Rolexes, but are they marketable to teens ? Perhaps, because the name's Bathing !


Watch your S T E P !

So between, trying to eff, every girl in the world, being so far gone, and confessing that she's the BEST he's ever had, Drake tore his ACL & injured his knee. Tough cookies ! I sympathize, because i'm quite sure the pain is unbearable. BUT, keep in mind that despite his injuries, he STILL has performed shows, but only one show a night. If you ask me, that is extreme devotion. What, does he think that he's the Allen Iverson of the rap game ?? Well, IRONICALLY p e c u l i a r wishes you a speedy recovery !

peep this though. yikessss =\

take a walk on the SOUTHside.

African Americans have endured some of the most outrageous brutality, and in the twenty first century, such behavior should not be tolerate. Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors were beaten, deprived of education, and responded to every beck and call of
"the white man". Many of us have learned this, time and time again in History classes.

So, learning this in History class would imply that these occurrences have already happened. I am slightly mind boggled as to WHY history is repeating itself. Were there not individuals that risked their lives to break this cycle ? Ooh, alright. Just checking.

But clearly, there is no excuse as to why this black man was brutally beaten, simply because he was driving in South Side Chicago with his white fiance in the car.

guess who's BIZZACK !

Okay, so first, allow me to apologize for the hiatus, which was unannounced. Between trying to get things together for school, and interning at 1600AM WWRL radio station in NYC, it was pretty difficult to multi-task.

But !! I have returned. I know you all have been yearning for new posts, and here I am to give you guys what you've been waiting for.

Yours Truly,


Sunday, July 5, 2009

ohio's V E R Y own.

look at her, she can be my superBOO.
poke her face. sky might fall, but i'm not worried at aLL.
going back to honolulu, just to get that, that maui wowie.

you've guessed right. CuDi the KID himself.

before admiring his style of rap, and his ability to capture various musical genres in one song, i honestly thought that this guy was just one of those one hit, and forgets. day n' night played all over the place. from bet. to mtv. to ringtones. and it rang my ears off, totally. none the less, i downloaded his mixtape. to say i fell in love, would be an understatement.
native of ohio. singer/rapper. moved to NY and slept on couches and floors for three years. signed to GOOD music.

the only word i can use to describe this deft young man is; modest. patient. & less is MORE.

take notes && enJOY !

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

his EGO is his imaginary friend. & her next single !

kan. the LOUIE. vuitton. DON.
beyonce. the star studded. songstress gone actress.
could we have asked for a better collaboration ? i think not !
now, time for me to do what it is, that i do best ! if you haven't noticed, the latter of beyonce's released videos are all within the black and white color scheme, with the glare of white lighting; except for halo, which is in color, but has the white lighting. my appreciation for this video goes without being said. you have similes and metaphors that are to die for. alto and soprano notes. precise choreography & shiny costumes. then again, what do you expect ? this is BEYONCE & KANYE. duh. pardon my ignorance. and peep the significant zoom at 0:18 seconds. don't be a fiend ! chao !

ENjoy !

Sunday, June 14, 2009

dudes give him daps; chicks give him hugs !

weezy. baby. you can never play them, they're from uptown baby !
nothing much really to say, BUT this video is pretty cool.
kudos to Little X on this one, the various angles and recurring zoomed
shots ! enJOY.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

sean BIG, a problem too big; trig !

kanye. the arrogant, yet widely known, loved, and more importantly revered producer/musician/socialite.
well, enough about yezzy. ye's protege, big sean is definitely an undeniable talent. check out his performance at DEFJAM's twenty fifth anniversary.

SoundOff TV Presents: Def Jam 25- Big Sean from LowKey on Vimeo.

yeah. i know you love him; almost as much as i do.
can you say GOOD music ?
peep his other tunes; supa dupa, getcha some, dreams. trust there's more, but see for yourself ! sheeesh brutha. =)

stimulate my HEART & surrender.my.mind

when we think of cassie, we think of; pretty face. half caesar, half long luxurious hair.
when we think of diddy, we think of; getting off on other people's tracks, take that, take that, & ciroc OBAMA.

put them together, and we have, "Must Be Love"

notice the ambiance of the low lighting, and sometimes sepia lighting.
rather intense if you ask me !

ENjoy !

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bow wow throws in the towel, with a POLE in his basement !


Disappointment has struck on the female youngins as it has for myself. Rumors have been cleared ! Actually, it's not even a rumor. Bow Wow is throwing in the rap towel, and has asked to be released from Columbia Records after releasing S E V E N albums. In my opinion, he latest release, New Jack City Part II, which came out in March was his best album ! With features from Trey Songz, to Ron Browz, it was pretty good stuff.

He just released a new video, not for the kids of course ! I mean c'mon, he's 22, a GROWN MAN. "Pole in my Basement" and he has definitely earned the respect of many guys in the streets. -- indeed.

take a peek ! he's a boss too. a boss, hands down !

L. B. DUB. Gang !

Kanye releases Spaceship.

Okay so, College Drop Out was the FIRST of Kanye's many musically empowering albums. He has just released the video for
"Spaceship" Featuring GLC and Consequence ! Only bosses can do such things, and be successful with it ! take a peek. this is G O O D music !

Spaceship from kwest on Vimeo.

Drake likes em' Bajan.

So, rumor has it, Drake and Rihanna have a ting gwan on. Intially, as always, denial denial denial. An interviewer in London, once again, asked Drizzy about his relationship with Rihanna. This yung bul was all smiles, and you could smell the fronting from around the corner ! Be sure to look for his album ! "THANK ME LATER" and he has started recording, these globally loved organic tunes.

3:25 is the money shot ! no, really.

"we're young, having fun, and enjoying life.." true.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

asher ROTH better w a t c h OUT.

well, Asher loves College and Dyme-a-DUZIN hates high school; how ironic! check out how he applies his hatred for high school and twists up Asher's lover for college.. it's actually something to keep your ears open for.. and if you look close, it takes place in Murrow High School. nicee.

and.. he's only a sophomore. step it up old heads! how 'bout it??

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

damn sure, ain't nothing like a BROOKLYN fist.

Okay, so. . .Charlessss Hamilton.

Known for the Brooklyn Girls anthem and the unnecessarily large headphones.  Apparently, his freestyle was a bit much, and this young lady rocked his jaw, while he rocked the mic. BUT, being the gentleman that he is, he took this brusing with a grain of salt.  A large, salty, grainy, piece of salt. ha.

take a peek! 

Georgia Nights.

Known for his song featuring T-Pain called "Who the F is That", 21 year old Dolla was pronounced dead last week after being shot in the Beverly Center Mall in Los Angeles.  Dollar, originally from Atlanta Georgia, lead a life filled with unfortunate events; from his sister witnessing his father committing suicide when his was five, to losing his life before it even began. . .

prayers and condolences to his family and friends. 


Listen to his unreleased track, Georgia Nights.. Scary how he described his death before it happened.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ehh, she's alright, but she's NO Nicki!

Kanary Diamond.

she tried. i'll admit it, she did.
but she has NOTHING on Nicki Minaj's version of Drake's "Best I Ever Had".
feel free to compare the two.

KANARY diamond version. pardon the lack of clothing?? ooh, alright.

nicki MINAJ version. i can shovel it.

he used to get it in O H i O. not!

RANSOM. is. ranDUMB!
Rapper Ransom, possibly known for the feature on Freak Ish* by Nicki Minaj, is taped speaking on just about e v e r y girl in the industry. I should tag this as let me "beat". Lauren London. Joey's Girl [Tahiry]. Rihanna. Mariah Carey. Thirst. Thirst. & Thirst. Someone pour this guy a glass of water, because apparently his thirst needs to be quenched. Joe Buddens' girlfriend Tahiry is pretty famous on the hood charts, known to have dated rapper Fabolous as well as doing the cover for King Magazine.  Nicee, or should I say, La heim! "I'm not going to say anything else because I don't want to incriminate anyone." - Ransom. I guess it's too late to prevent incrimination on yourself, huh? Yeah, apparently.  Nonetheless, he's a humorous guy.  Haven't heard his music, but his jokes are slightly pleasant. 


c r e a t o r.

Me, I'm a Creator. Thrill is to make it up. The rules I break got me a 

place. Up on the radar. Me, I'm a Taker. Know what the stakes are .

Can't roll it back, it's understood. Got to play our cards.


so at 5am, i'm bored; i reek boredom, i display boredom, it is written on my forehead with R E D lipstick, for imagery's sake. decided to photograph my work because i just may make this a new hobby, no really. i would greatly appreciate feedback though. if you like, i could even bless you with some creativity!








hottest chick in the MODEL game; wearing Tyga's chain. . .

They wanna know, WHO's THAT GIRL??.

nineteen; stylish; atlanta NATIVE; models for LV. Marc. Isaac.;

chanel iman.
a young new model, with exotic, yet appealing features, Chanel Iman is taking the run way by storm.  this young [ dashing diva ] has modeled for Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Hermes, and many M O R E. fashionistas love her. designers want her. she is a D O N. a B O S S. plus, she's dope as hell. rumor has it, she's also linked with Travie McCoy's protege rapper Tyga, from Cali.

i can shovel it.

[ in proper order. ] 
louis vuitton;                             marc jacobs;                            marc jacobs; 
moschino;                                 hermes;                                 rock & republic;

Saturday, May 16, 2009

wassup B R O O K L Y N. wassup SON?

Look at price tags, [shrugs], where they do that at??

His flow is persuading. His style amazing. His pockets are fat, as he cruises in the May Bach.
Apparently, he can say with ease, "Just throw it in the bag!" Walking down the streets of Brooklyn, many have tried to make this a common phrase, yet the bag is more so Rugby and not Chloe!

Call him crispy cream, his style is crispy C L E A N.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

and she goes by, girl signed to C A P I T O L records or..


after timeless videos of her displaying her talent, Priscilla Renea W A S signed to Capitol Records. and i must say, CONGRATULATIONS, although this isn't new and fresh off of the press news.  regardless, she continues to post videos of newly written songs and covers of other songs.
best cover i've heard yet of "Best I Ever Had" by Drake.

if you like it visit her at www.priscillareneamusic.com OR myspace.com/priscillarenea
whoooo, what a voice. be right back, going to look through the yellow pages so i can get a voice coach or something! i need to get signed, WE ARE IN A RECESSION!!!

prrr; is how the kitty says H E L L O.

hello K I T T Y moves to jewls && gems.


to some, hello kitty has become a household name, and not just for little girls.  many adult women have deemed hello kitty as an acceptable cartoon, as an ADULT.  from hello kitty MAC cosmetics and debit cards to G O L D hello kitty jewelry.  teaming up with popular brand, AMBUSH, hello kitty has released a line of necklaces, entitled POW! popular in japan, and paving its way through the U S of A, hello kitty will more than likely been seen on random necks in the soHos, the roDeos, and the villages; of manhattan that is! 

running at about $180, many will feel that it's definitely worth every andrew and benjamin. this new necessity will come in gold, pink and neon. yaaaooowwww! i can't bare the excitement, it's becoming too much! seriously, no sarcasm intended. i AM a hola gato buff!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SHOCKED me like an [electric] f e e l.

this has got to be one of my favorite songs of all time. electric feel, by MGMT.
the colors duke, the colorssss!

insomnia Prone;;


so i've been wonder if i was the only person up at 4am on the regular, apparently not! (according to facebook status updates at 4:16am) now my next idea to wonder about is if it was college that SCREWED up my sleep pattern. i guess i can blame it on the last minute studying, or last minuted papers that kept me up all night without as much as a yawn.  so here i am, finished with classes and finals, doing absolutely nothing that requires me to be awake, yet, it is 5:24am and i am AWAKE. what kind of tomfoolery goes on here? i feel an investment coming on; an investment of Sleeping Pills, that is! 

WEIRD is what w e i r d DOES.

call it what you want, but i definitely watched this about s e v e n times. yes people, i did say seven. how cool is it that we have animals and insects that can display individualism without even trying? i commend these little creatures. BOW DOWN! if you disagreed, i DO have a black box where suggestions go, if you are a DRAKE fan like myself, then you know the rest! enjoy earthlings =)

M U S I C for thought.

a musical genius, indeed. kanye needs to take heed, no rhyming intended. from creating beats with actual instruments, and not machines, to singing harmoniously and signing EXTREMELY talented artists such as Megan Rochell. I can undeniably say that Ryan Leslie is the MAN. hands down, thumbs up; 7up style! 



pure BOSS status. who would think to use change in a cup? step your beat game UP!

you need somebody -- snippet.

also look out for her, my new favorite, formally know as Megan Rochell!


my mistake -- snippet.

Monday, May 11, 2009

HUnnies badder than playboy BUnnies.

turn the radio to Hot 97, QUICK, QUICK! ! !
everyday a new song plays on the radio.  the majority of the time, the songs are pure and utter crapola [ for lack of a better, and more appropriate term ].  anywho, you often encounter people with talents, at times these talents are hidden.  it's apparent that these guys talents are portrayed in their music. i'm so H Y P E D that i can call these dudes my friends.


pardon the boobs.
admire the look of approval.

Freshman 15 is the ALBUM. Brothers From Another Mother is the name.
Get it. Got it? COOL! :)

enjoy! ! !

look out for EVERY GUY by the HUnnies, coming to a campus near, you, you, and Y O U ! ! !

f r i e n d s.

friends! how many of us have them? friends! ones we can depend on. friends! how many of us have them? before we go any further, let's be friends! 

these are the people that i call F R I E N D S;;

ICE c o l d.

Ooh, so you thought it was cold in New York City.  Hop on the plane to Detroit, and see how cold it is there. . . It's SO c o l d in the D!

e n j o y.. !!

DRIZZY drake looking S T A N K Y.

As we all are human and like to have fun, a-list as well as b-list celebs like to enjoy themselves as well.  Whether they look cool, or lame, they have right to Stanky Leg, don't they??