Tuesday, June 16, 2009

his EGO is his imaginary friend. & her next single !

kan. the LOUIE. vuitton. DON.
beyonce. the star studded. songstress gone actress.
could we have asked for a better collaboration ? i think not !
now, time for me to do what it is, that i do best ! if you haven't noticed, the latter of beyonce's released videos are all within the black and white color scheme, with the glare of white lighting; except for halo, which is in color, but has the white lighting. my appreciation for this video goes without being said. you have similes and metaphors that are to die for. alto and soprano notes. precise choreography & shiny costumes. then again, what do you expect ? this is BEYONCE & KANYE. duh. pardon my ignorance. and peep the significant zoom at 0:18 seconds. don't be a fiend ! chao !

ENjoy !

Sunday, June 14, 2009

dudes give him daps; chicks give him hugs !

weezy. baby. you can never play them, they're from uptown baby !
nothing much really to say, BUT this video is pretty cool.
kudos to Little X on this one, the various angles and recurring zoomed
shots ! enJOY.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

sean BIG, a problem too big; trig !

kanye. the arrogant, yet widely known, loved, and more importantly revered producer/musician/socialite.
well, enough about yezzy. ye's protege, big sean is definitely an undeniable talent. check out his performance at DEFJAM's twenty fifth anniversary.

SoundOff TV Presents: Def Jam 25- Big Sean from LowKey on Vimeo.

yeah. i know you love him; almost as much as i do.
can you say GOOD music ?
peep his other tunes; supa dupa, getcha some, dreams. trust there's more, but see for yourself ! sheeesh brutha. =)

stimulate my HEART & surrender.my.mind

when we think of cassie, we think of; pretty face. half caesar, half long luxurious hair.
when we think of diddy, we think of; getting off on other people's tracks, take that, take that, & ciroc OBAMA.

put them together, and we have, "Must Be Love"

notice the ambiance of the low lighting, and sometimes sepia lighting.
rather intense if you ask me !

ENjoy !

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bow wow throws in the towel, with a POLE in his basement !


Disappointment has struck on the female youngins as it has for myself. Rumors have been cleared ! Actually, it's not even a rumor. Bow Wow is throwing in the rap towel, and has asked to be released from Columbia Records after releasing S E V E N albums. In my opinion, he latest release, New Jack City Part II, which came out in March was his best album ! With features from Trey Songz, to Ron Browz, it was pretty good stuff.

He just released a new video, not for the kids of course ! I mean c'mon, he's 22, a GROWN MAN. "Pole in my Basement" and he has definitely earned the respect of many guys in the streets. -- indeed.

take a peek ! he's a boss too. a boss, hands down !

L. B. DUB. Gang !

Kanye releases Spaceship.

Okay so, College Drop Out was the FIRST of Kanye's many musically empowering albums. He has just released the video for
"Spaceship" Featuring GLC and Consequence ! Only bosses can do such things, and be successful with it ! take a peek. this is G O O D music !

Spaceship from kwest on Vimeo.

Drake likes em' Bajan.

So, rumor has it, Drake and Rihanna have a ting gwan on. Intially, as always, denial denial denial. An interviewer in London, once again, asked Drizzy about his relationship with Rihanna. This yung bul was all smiles, and you could smell the fronting from around the corner ! Be sure to look for his album ! "THANK ME LATER" and he has started recording, these globally loved organic tunes.

3:25 is the money shot ! no, really.

"we're young, having fun, and enjoying life.." true.