Tuesday, June 16, 2009

his EGO is his imaginary friend. & her next single !

kan. the LOUIE. vuitton. DON.
beyonce. the star studded. songstress gone actress.
could we have asked for a better collaboration ? i think not !
now, time for me to do what it is, that i do best ! if you haven't noticed, the latter of beyonce's released videos are all within the black and white color scheme, with the glare of white lighting; except for halo, which is in color, but has the white lighting. my appreciation for this video goes without being said. you have similes and metaphors that are to die for. alto and soprano notes. precise choreography & shiny costumes. then again, what do you expect ? this is BEYONCE & KANYE. duh. pardon my ignorance. and peep the significant zoom at 0:18 seconds. don't be a fiend ! chao !

ENjoy !

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