Sunday, July 5, 2009

ohio's V E R Y own.

look at her, she can be my superBOO.
poke her face. sky might fall, but i'm not worried at aLL.
going back to honolulu, just to get that, that maui wowie.

you've guessed right. CuDi the KID himself.

before admiring his style of rap, and his ability to capture various musical genres in one song, i honestly thought that this guy was just one of those one hit, and forgets. day n' night played all over the place. from bet. to mtv. to ringtones. and it rang my ears off, totally. none the less, i downloaded his mixtape. to say i fell in love, would be an understatement.
native of ohio. singer/rapper. moved to NY and slept on couches and floors for three years. signed to GOOD music.

the only word i can use to describe this deft young man is; modest. patient. & less is MORE.

take notes && enJOY !

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