Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quote of the WEEK.

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"I'd rather let my day to day actions speak louder than what I say."
- Chris Brown

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

they say he's COMPLEX like the MAGAZiNE.

now, my guess would be that, when he wrote those lyrics, he didn't think that he would be on the cover of complex that soon, did he?
so. he's signed to Kanye's record label. Nominated for awards without even releasing an album. & now, he's on the cover of COMPLEX magazine. And this is not just ANY cover, this is an animated, personally drawn cover trying to capture a "nightmarish approach". pretty damn cool if you ask me. KidCuDi seems like one of those, about his business, but still wants to have fun and let the fans have fun as well. you guys will definitely enjoy this, like I have.
complex aug/sept 2009 issue. look out for it ! hitting a magazine stand near you, august 11th.


he's the man. !

Monday, August 3, 2009

the infamous Chuck Taylor, revamped !

"They never gave me support, like Chuck T's."

This summer has been filled with Chuck Taylor Converses. Why ? Probably because they're cool, stylish, & affordable. Not to mention the array of styles & colors that they come in. Stepping away from the canvas scene, Converse has decided to release a sneaker made from fleece material. These heather gray fleece converses are available at sneakersnuff.com


new creations INC.

in my spare time, i'd like to refer to myself as creative ally. yes, i said it! do you dispute? what was once a Triple L Society crew neck tee-shirt has been altered to a pink splash summer twist string halter.

peek peek ! feedback is greatly appreciated.


Quote of the WEEK.

new aspect of IRONICALLY p e c u l i a r.

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"They say there's two sides to every story, and three once the truth is told."
- Drake

it's not ABC, it's APC.

APC doesn't just make jeans, if you were wondering. A brand that's pretty much to my liking, oppose to Nudie, which i have grown to dislike. I give thanks to the hood for that one, ha ! In any event, their 2009 Fall/Winter collection has already hit various retail locations. Please don't be left out, and don't invest if this is not your knack. For lack of a better term.

take a looksy. 2009 Fall/Winter


G Shock or Bapex ?

The newest watch craze has undeniably been G Shock watches by Casio. Walking down the street, i'm sure every 2 out of 5 individuals has on either a big faced, smaller faced, or baby G Shock. But, will G Shocks now have competition ? Not too sure, mainly because of the difference in price. Bathing Ape has released a line of non digital watches, called BAPEX. Will these be the new craze ?? take a peek. I actually am not too sure about these watches. They replicate Rolexes, but are they marketable to teens ? Perhaps, because the name's Bathing !


Watch your S T E P !

So between, trying to eff, every girl in the world, being so far gone, and confessing that she's the BEST he's ever had, Drake tore his ACL & injured his knee. Tough cookies ! I sympathize, because i'm quite sure the pain is unbearable. BUT, keep in mind that despite his injuries, he STILL has performed shows, but only one show a night. If you ask me, that is extreme devotion. What, does he think that he's the Allen Iverson of the rap game ?? Well, IRONICALLY p e c u l i a r wishes you a speedy recovery !

peep this though. yikessss =\

take a walk on the SOUTHside.

African Americans have endured some of the most outrageous brutality, and in the twenty first century, such behavior should not be tolerate. Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors were beaten, deprived of education, and responded to every beck and call of
"the white man". Many of us have learned this, time and time again in History classes.

So, learning this in History class would imply that these occurrences have already happened. I am slightly mind boggled as to WHY history is repeating itself. Were there not individuals that risked their lives to break this cycle ? Ooh, alright. Just checking.

But clearly, there is no excuse as to why this black man was brutally beaten, simply because he was driving in South Side Chicago with his white fiance in the car.

guess who's BIZZACK !

Okay, so first, allow me to apologize for the hiatus, which was unannounced. Between trying to get things together for school, and interning at 1600AM WWRL radio station in NYC, it was pretty difficult to multi-task.

But !! I have returned. I know you all have been yearning for new posts, and here I am to give you guys what you've been waiting for.

Yours Truly,