Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bow wow throws in the towel, with a POLE in his basement !


Disappointment has struck on the female youngins as it has for myself. Rumors have been cleared ! Actually, it's not even a rumor. Bow Wow is throwing in the rap towel, and has asked to be released from Columbia Records after releasing S E V E N albums. In my opinion, he latest release, New Jack City Part II, which came out in March was his best album ! With features from Trey Songz, to Ron Browz, it was pretty good stuff.

He just released a new video, not for the kids of course ! I mean c'mon, he's 22, a GROWN MAN. "Pole in my Basement" and he has definitely earned the respect of many guys in the streets. -- indeed.

take a peek ! he's a boss too. a boss, hands down !

L. B. DUB. Gang !

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