Wednesday, May 13, 2009

prrr; is how the kitty says H E L L O.

hello K I T T Y moves to jewls && gems.


to some, hello kitty has become a household name, and not just for little girls.  many adult women have deemed hello kitty as an acceptable cartoon, as an ADULT.  from hello kitty MAC cosmetics and debit cards to G O L D hello kitty jewelry.  teaming up with popular brand, AMBUSH, hello kitty has released a line of necklaces, entitled POW! popular in japan, and paving its way through the U S of A, hello kitty will more than likely been seen on random necks in the soHos, the roDeos, and the villages; of manhattan that is! 

running at about $180, many will feel that it's definitely worth every andrew and benjamin. this new necessity will come in gold, pink and neon. yaaaooowwww! i can't bare the excitement, it's becoming too much! seriously, no sarcasm intended. i AM a hola gato buff!

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