Monday, May 11, 2009

HUnnies badder than playboy BUnnies.

turn the radio to Hot 97, QUICK, QUICK! ! !
everyday a new song plays on the radio.  the majority of the time, the songs are pure and utter crapola [ for lack of a better, and more appropriate term ].  anywho, you often encounter people with talents, at times these talents are hidden.  it's apparent that these guys talents are portrayed in their music. i'm so H Y P E D that i can call these dudes my friends.


pardon the boobs.
admire the look of approval.

Freshman 15 is the ALBUM. Brothers From Another Mother is the name.
Get it. Got it? COOL! :)

enjoy! ! !

look out for EVERY GUY by the HUnnies, coming to a campus near, you, you, and Y O U ! ! !

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